• BRAEWORKS ® Business


ABN 78-620-159-465.

BRAEWORKS ® is a small Australian business started in 2005. We have a long history in the design and manufacture of electronics and software products.

Our experience includes;-

  • Web design, web services automation, APIs and web applications,
  • Server log file data analysis and log data mining,
  • Online sales for business and retail.
  • Software / firmware development.
  • Electronic hardware design.
  • LAMP cloud installation and maintenance.
  • Network and LINUX system administration.
  • Custom hardware and software applications.

Electronic Hardware Design

BRAEWORKS has more than 35 years experience in electronic hardware product design down to printed circuit board level. These designs include electronic power supplies, laboratory instruments, data loggers, meteorological transducers, electrical transducers, communications (G232, G703, G704, V11, V24/V28) and control systems.

Many of these hardware designs use programmable logic, embedded software (firmware) and associated software applications.

Application Software Development

BRAEWORKS also has more than 35 years experience in software development. As new programming languages have become available, they have been taken on. The programming languages include machine code, Fortran, Basic, C, C++, PHP, SQL (MySQL and SQLite), Unix/Linux shell and awk/gawk scripts, and web based applications using HTML, Javascript, Ajax, PHP and SQL. These applications run or have run on BR133, PDP11, CPM80, DOS, Microsoft ® Windows ®, Linux platforms and many embedded platforms.

The applications include terminal emulators, database catalogs, remote access/telemetry programs, hardware emulators for embedded firmware, laboratory instruments, data analysis programs/suites and custom applications.

Embedded Firmware Development

BRAEWORKS also has more than 35 years experience in firmware development. The programming languages include machine code, embedded C and embedded C++. The firmware developments have been for the 2650, 8085, 8037, Z8, Z80, 6805, 68HC05, Z180, Z181, Z182, 68HC11 and MSP430 microprocessors, and TMS320 DSPs.

The firmware has been used for remote telemetry, data loggers, sensor arrays, industrial controls and communications with RS232, V24/V28, ILOOP, VF, G232, G703, G704, RS422, V11, and other specialized requirements.

Documentation Control

BRAEWORKS uses the subversion and GiT document version control to track changes and maintain live and draft working file copies.

Online Stores

In June 2009, the online store code was written by BRAEWORKS, including process automation, and then adding many more features and new capabilities.

In October 2009, BRAEWORKS started operating BRAEWORKS AU to provide personal, commercial and industrial customers with an online store for computer, IT and electronic infrastructure equipment.

The BRAEWORKS AU site is a high performance site, with reduced traffic bandwidth requirements and requiring minimal server overhead. Most requests, from customer's browsers, are answered as fast as the internet can transmit the data.

Because of the experience gained in building and operating BRAEWORKS AU, the operation has evolved to be low overhead, high automation. The product range, sitemap feeds, search engine marketing, price comparison engine feeds, payment security, multiple supplier/warehouse interfaces and order full fillment operations require a minimum of overhead, reducing costs and providing customers with up to date products and pricing. The software to achieve this has been written by BRAEWORKS.

The online stores are evolving, and will continue to evolve to meet customer and performance expectations.

Other BRAEWORKS Experience

BRAEWORKS can integrate into a team environment and provide cohesive productive leadership. BRAEWORKS has experience in training technical personnel in equipment installation, use and maintenance.

BRAEWORKS has a passion for technology.